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RIP Andrew Prulello & Putting DTW NWA Managers Gary Cook &Joe Conlon's A** On Blast!!

I received a text from my cousin/ Jewel (who lives in L.A.) at 4:30am (my time-which is a 3hr difference) this morning that read:

"I hope ur woke. I really need ur help!"

1st of all if you're contacting me at that time

Unfortunately, BOTH conditions applied.
My cousin just found out her good friend Andrew Prulello-a union steward and Northwest Airlines {NWA}employee had passed away from an aneurysm.
While that is sad in and of itself...her heart is broken over the disrespect Andrew in his deceased state, encountered at the hands of Detroit (DTW) Northwest Airlines managers Gary Cook & Joe Conlon.

Let me just provide a lil' background info:
Andrew was an employee with NWA for over 20yrs.
He was also a union steward for Local 141-IAM (International Association of Machinists).
It is speculated that the following treatment was in retaliation of Andrew being a union steward:
It is customary for military servicemen/women and NWA employees' remains to be transferred in a 'memorial cart' (decorated with U.S. flag) to the airplane when being sent home.
However in Andrew's case, Cargo manager Gary Cook gave a directive that Andrew's body be transferred in a manner unbefitting a NWA employee in good standing.

  • The memorial cart (which is the highest honor bestowed upon deceased NWA employees), could not be used to transport Andrew.
  • Also, Andrew's remains were not even allowed to be transferred to the plane using the luggage cart.
  • The employees were told to transfer Andrew's body in a raggedy cart, that wasn't qualified to carry luggage.
WHY?! WHY would that idiot utter such a directive?!

Andrew was also a father, a son, boyfriend...can you imagine seeing your loved one's body being transported in a company issued rickety, rackety, raggedy old cart?! That's the thanks Andrew received for 20+ years of service??

**And NWA wonders why they can't pull their bootleg behinds up by their shady, janky bootstraps!**

Thank God for Local 141's president Clay Parraghi, Ray Painter, and Steve Kostora. These men REFUSED to allow such disrespect to go forth towards Andrew and personally went to Cargo, retrieved Andrew's remains and put them on the Memorial Cart! That's what I'm talking about!!
I wonder how did Cook feel about that?!
I'm sure he felt as stupid as he looked! lol
You know it couldn't end there...why did DTW NWA mgr Joe Conlon, call Ray Painter during Andrew's MEMORIAL SERVICE to say the service 'better not disrupt his operation.'
What Joe needs to do is sit his $3 behind down, before someone makes change!

Doesn't these managers know these ramp workers may have to transport their dead, decaying behinds one day?!
I know it's not Christian of me but I wouldn't be mad if when that time came, the ramp workers used those short elastic bungee cords and hooked Conlon & Cook's caskets up to the little cars (with the luggage on the back) and just drive all around the runway with the caskets swinging to the left and to the right! And then SNAP! the cord breaks and then their caskets go flying every which a way!

Didn't I say it wasn't Christian of me?? lol

Remember-what u sow, u shall also reap.

And the same people you pass on the way up, are the same ones you'll need to hook you up on your way down.
You cannot disrespect and not expect disrepect to come back to you.


This is a sad state of affairs, and unfortunately it is all too common in Corporate America. Front line and second line managers are in such fear of losing their jobs, that they have sold their souls to the devil, and signed their name on the dotted line in their own blood. In exchange for a proverbial pat on their sold out heads, they are willing to mistreat, dog and abuse employees who are the very backbone of America and her corporations, believing they'll get brownie points.

Fools how can you really believe such stupidity?

These are the same people who are guzzling Tums, prevacid, hair falling out, households are a hot mess, taking Viagra, experiencing paranoid tendencies etc due to their GUILTY CONSCIOUSES (sp)

DTW NWA union brothers and are not alone in your fight! I feel for you, and ridiculousness is experienced at my Co., also-however we must not run, but continue to stand and fight as one!

(Below) Andrew Prulello gets the respect he truly deserved!
View Andrew's beautiful send-off at Detroit Northwest Airlines, by his fellow employees!

Photo by Brian Doyle

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