Friday, April 11, 2008

Seen & Heard Near You!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!!
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Tavis Smiley & Tom Joyner no longer together.

T.I. tells what he 'knows about that' in interview

Racist crackpot in the Buckeye State (OH) hates race-mixing.

Bob Marley's mom passes away.

Reason actor Jasmine Guy seems to look so haggardly?

Serena Williams has the booty I was supposed to be born with :(

Rihanna has a tattoo...loves it!

We should all be so fortunate to look like this at 42, u go Stacey Dash!

R. Kelly taps into the golden schoolgirl, inside of him...still a hot pedophilic mess.

Big Boi's ballet is on pointe.

Shae-Shae talks about an incestuous couple...(eat after reading)

Hott says Remy & Papoose (what in the...?) are to be married in jail *sigh*

Darkbrotha vents about his Saturday night from hell & customer service (funny!)

Updated pic of baby Lali(baby w/two faces):

Image Source: One Man

AJ, gets her grown folks music on (and shouts out other grown folks music too)

Regina highlights Darfur (enjoyed our telephone conversation, sis!)

Rosemarie wants to take you on a safari!

Mimi promotes literacy-Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

Rawdawg Buffalo keeps his 10 toes down

KingsKid's moment of truth

Quick gets his English Muffin on with Nicole Richie

Ann explains the meaning of marriage

Did you know there's a black equivalent to the Sundance Festival?? Check out Invisible Woman

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