Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isiah Thomas*...FIRED as NY Knicks Coach

***I mistakenly identified I. Washington, as the fired NY Knicks coach....actually Washington is an actor who was fired from hit TV show 'Grey's anatomy (different...Isaiah-thanks I.W.)***

To all of you who are aware of current events, I'm sure you're all just as shocked as I am at the firing of Isiah Washington.

My question is, why would the NY Knicks keep a loser like Washington on the payroll? This man cost the organization MILLIONS of dollars ($11 million to be exact) in punitive damages to sexual harassment victim Anucha Browne Sanders.

Isiah Thomas

Washington has gone from being president of the organization and head coach of the basketball team, to now having to REPORT to the new president Donnie Walsh. I'm sure that's a blow to his ego, but he's STILL employed with this organization.
This is disheartening because it reinforces the actions of Washington.
The Knicks organization has in essence ok'd the harassing antics of Washington, therefore the Knicks better keep plenty of cash in their petty cash box-cuz w/Isiah on the payroll...they're going to need plenty of cash on hand. Keep his butt in NY...MI (Washington's former residence) has enough issues to contend with.

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