Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seen And Heard Near You (4.18.08)

**shae--why did I lose my tix to prayer meeting??? the address is on the tix?! lol**

Please explain why Flava Fav has ANOTHER SHOW??-One Man

Catch up on the latest in music, replete w/videos- Shae-Shae

Pastor, you inner circle is ungodly-when are YOU going to do something about it?-Regina

Redbox, got tha hook-up for free movies-Tanyetta

My favorite city (Detroit) continues to make headlines...this time it's hot ghetto mess known as Atty. MONICA CONYERS-wife of CONGRESSMAN John Conyers

Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James, 72 and ex-mistress convicted on corruption charges-Hicktown Press

Reviewing the movie, "War Dance" -Rosemarie

Letter to a black man-Dimples

Faith is NOT magic-Old Black Church

Teyana Taylor (Google Me) is a clear case of foolishness on parade-Hottsauce

The love of a father for his son-Rawdawg

12 yr old Billie McGee, found!!-Deidre

Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes, remembered-Black Diamond

Tennis great Zina Garrison is getting her blog on for US Fed Cup-Sheila

Nail Shops/Hotels Alert::FOXY BROWN is out of prison-YBF

Foxy Brown found Jesus in Rikers- DarkChild

God determines who comes into you life!-Loveable

Top 10 movies...if u love black folks-I.W.

The latest on Obamas news-Concrete Loop

Today IS a gift-Marenda

Does 'elitist' = uppity?- Vanessa

Why you BETTER NOT stop praying for Oprah:CLEARLY she is deluded & CONFUSED-Melvin

10 dimes & Carrie Underwood join forces for h20's sake-Quick

new R& B singing sensation Karina Pasian-RBTF

Scavengers on the Urban Savannah-SWPL

George Stephanopoulous talking out the side of his lips-Yobachi


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