Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's the TRUTH Anyhow!

I saw this at my sista girl, Believe1964's blog


How much is gas today?? Click the link and enter your zip and find out.

These oil barons know we may complain about the prices but we're still going to purchase their gas...that's why they jack the prices. I've made a committment to begin catchin the bus to work. I'd rather pay $20 wk/and ride, then $65 for a full tank that only lasts 4 days..I have an '05 Taurus. I understand everyone can't catch the bus...but if we stop taking this...they'll have to do SOMETHING.

It's not rape if we give it up voluntarily.

Have u decided to take a stand against high gas prices, or are you one of those who are all talk and no action??
I'm just askin.'

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