Friday, May 16, 2008

T-PAIN...King of Can-Can...Leads BET AWARDS WITH 5 NOMS..

I will never understand how singing like there's an electronic voicebox held up to the vocal cords equals talent??
...but that's also up there with ???'s like 'why is gas $4/gal and we're still buying it?' and 'why is it fashionable to dress like a ho' for your prom?'
I guess T-pain could give a rip...cuz his canned singing has earned him 5 nominations from BET.

Wait a min.

I just realized what I typed.
The powers that be at BET wouldn't know trash from class if it rolled over their foot with a semi-truck

I'm sure Kanye'll be blogging or 'tantrumizing' this dillemma about canned singing taking precedence over his rudimentary lyrics.

sorry for wasting this space.
Carry on peeps.


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