Saturday, May 17, 2008

Technorati...and Ur Authority

Ok...for all of u 'technorati heads' if you've experienced a drop in your I have-u may have wondered, why?
I know I asked.
So after a little research, this is what I learned:


No you’re not being penalized by Technorati and no the blogs that once linked to you are not being deleted….

The answer to this problem is that the incoming links to your blog are simply getting old.

Technorati calculates how many links are pointing at your blog from other blogs (your blog’s ‘authority’) based upon the last 6 months activity. This means that a blog that links to you today will be counted - but in 180 days it will not be counted any more.

This is how Technorati attempts to keep things fresh and not disadvantage new blogs entering he blogosphere. If they didn’t do it, old blogs would have an unfair advantage in terms of overall rankings. It means that all blogs need to keep active in order to maintain their ‘authority’.' it?

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