Saturday, May 17, 2008

Church Has No Sanctity Anymore...

Man opens fire at church festival

My goodness...the devil is getting bolder and bolder erryday! Folks can't even enjoy a doggone church festival w/out worryin about looney tunes trying to play target practice with their lives!

Three people were critically injured in Granada Hills, Ca at a church festival given by St. John Baptiste de la salle Catholic Church, when a man just decided to take his semi-auto rifle and shoot at them! How's that for something to do in sunny Cali? The beauty of this story? The idiot didn't have time to turn the gun on himself, bcuz the Cali citizens weren't having it! they tackled his raggedy behind until police arrived! I know that's right.

...I don't think y'all would've gotten in trouble with Jesus if you 'accidentally' hit the b butt of his gun against his cranium a couple of HARD times! Sorry, Jesus. Thoughts and prayers are with the vics and families.CNN

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