Sunday, May 04, 2008

This Kid Ain't NO Joke...

I've given birth to 2 children.
After each delivery, I didn't know my own name let alone feel like moving.

In Long Beach, CA a 17yr old young lady, not only gave birth to her 8lb, 3 oz baby boy-BY HERSELF...
She wrapped him up, and proceeded to walk/jog FOUR BLOCKS TO THE HOSPITAL!

It's hard for me to get my son to clean up his room...and here this chile is delivering babies and transporting herself a la Fred Flintstone to the hospital!

Xochitl Parra holds newborn Alejandro, as her sister, left, a nurse and Parra's mother pose with her Saturday

Xochitl kept her pregnancy a secret from momz out of fear, but I like how she didn't throw the baby in a garbage can like so many other young women do.
She has accepted responsibility...and I ain't mad at her.

Wishing Xochitl & baby Alejandro the best in all of their endeavors!!

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