Friday, June 27, 2008

Grandma Knows She's Wrong!

Has the self-esteem of women eroded to such a point that pedophilia is the only option??

Adrienne LaFlamme (pic'd below) worked in a juvenile facility...operative is- WORKED.
I don't know if grandma was experiencing mandatory overtime, is shy around men her age, or was just frustrated at the lack of men who are her age..but she decided to go out the world a** backwards (as is becoming quite common for women who have authority over youth) and molest some kids.

Looks like granny got her groove back w/a 17yr old boy as soon as he was released from's not like he would say no to free booty..but u'd think A WOMAN OLD ENUF TO BE A GRANDMA...would rather eat nails dipped in cyanide b4 taking on such an indiscretion--that's straight up MCNASTY!

And if that wasn't enuf, Mz.Adrienne decided to shake things up a bit AND ADD A 14-YR old boy to the mix.
How can you possibly xplain that?? Guilty by reason of insanity? She's crazy alright!
For this woman to be a teacher she's not too smart. During a POLICE-MONITORED call she called the 17-yr old told him she was goin to deny the sexual abuse (that's what it is!), and wanted him to hide the fact that he used drugs.
I do not think this should go to LifetimeTV, I think HBO could really hook up this story for a great movie...or it'll probably do justice at the box office if you have Meryl Streep play the starring role.
These female teachers are giving the men a run for their money.

Finish reading the sordid story,here.

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