Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oneness Pastor, TD gives daughter away in marriage...

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Pray that God rules and reigns over the beloved couple, and Holy Ghost ministers (somehow, some way) the Trinity to the newlyweds!

Escorting my beautiful daughter down the aisle*

Robert awaiting his bride, with tears streaming down his cheeks*
Me and Bishop Noel Jones, praying over the new couple

Daddy/Daughter dance*

From TD's blog

TD Jakes, gave his daughter Sarah 20, away in marriage last week.
She's puurrrrty.
I've never seen any of his chirren b4.
She def has her daddy's chipmunk cheeks!!

She's a beautiful bride, and hubby is ez on the eyes, too!

Congrats to the married couple and God bless them!

I don’t like to share too many personal things, as privacy is only valuable to those who have forfeited it, but before I bore you totally, here is one morsel just to justify my own salty tears. As most of you know, I have two daughters, Sarah and Cora. I have for years complained about their choices in boyfriends. I guess many parents relate to that. In love one week, out of love the next, and on and on it went. I have ranted, raged, preached, taught, moaned, groaned, and prayed in hopes that they would find—and keep—the right one. Finally, I told them that I would mute my noise maker when I saw them with a guy who looked at them the same way that I do. I said when he sees in you what I see in you then I will shut my mouth and relax.
Well, when I walked her down the aisle and felt her trembling hand in mine, I looked up and there was her groom looking deeply into her eyes with tears unashamedly running down his cheeks and the same look of total enchantment that I have had since her mother birthed her! It was then that I almost lost it. I thought, “We do have something in common, we both love her and that is a good place to start!” So we were two wet-eyed dudes at the wedding, sniffing and snotty nosed. And it was a wonderful experience. It touched her mother and I in a profound way and hopefully they will weather well the vicissitudes of life!
Serita, Sarah, and me - getting ready to walk down the aisle*

My wife, daughter, me
Almost perfect for us was the surreal presence of well wishers from near and far. Preachers, business tycoons, political figures, and talk show hosts all came together. The eclectic guest list brought out both secular and sacred personalities, but they all came to join our many personal friends in wishing our children well. I knew my wife missed her mother being there. I knew that she remembered fondly her mother getting her ready for our wedding so many years before. Still my wife worked feverishly on Sarah’s gown, hair, make-up, eyebrows, perfume, and everything else imaginable. I too ached for my father’s reassurance and my mother’s practical wisdom, but I realized that those days are gone and these are quickly fleeting. I was so thankful for the people who I knew didn’t really have time to attend, but came anyway. The greatest presence was from one we couldn’t get a picture of, the Lord Himself, and with Him in attendance, then the wedding was a success!
Me with Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert*
Me with long-time friend Tyler Perry*

I thought I would share a few moments in the wedding and the reception with you. I will show you these pictures if you will promise to pray for the newlyweds and their life and love together. By the way, if you want to see more Entertainment Tonight is featuring an exclusive review of the wedding this Tuesday (June 24th)—so check your local listings and set your TiVo’s! They have a lot more to show than I have shared here on this blog.
My beautiful daughter, Sarah*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henson

The wedding party*

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