Monday, June 23, 2008

Man...George Was A Soldier for Real...

NEVER judge a book by it's cover...

image source: Bossip

Ok...I just found out my boy passed away-today. At work I literally teared up.Yeah, George's mouth had 12 truckers, and 31 sailors running out of it, but YOU COULD NOT DENY the truth that was attached to his words.

He was very outspoken when it came down to social injustice and the ills that America the beautiful likes to keep swept under the rug.
Civil Rights.
George kept it real, when keepin' it real wasn't cool.
I truly hope he made peace with God.

****George's Rants...NSFW....PROFANE LANGUAGE****

His style made many blush, but when you looked and LISTENED past the profane words, George Carlin had ALOT to say.

R.I.P. Georgey

learn more about George Carlin's Life

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