Sunday, June 08, 2008

Something In The Milk Ain't Clean...

My sis in Christ, Shirley of Kingskid sent me an email regarding Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger. The priest who ministered at Trinity (Obama's former) Church.
I had not viewed the vid so I had no opinion.
Well. I've watched the video.
My goodness.
First of all, Pfleger's white and I must say...I HAVE NEVER, EVER, EVER seen, saw (whatever the correct tense is) a Catholic priest minister like that.
I have a feeling that's a point of contention also.

I'd would've liked to see his sermon in full context, but people like drama...outside and inside of the church-so of course only the inflammatory portion would be uploaded on YouTube.

I do agree with what Pfleger said, but the Catholic church did not.
Pfleger was suspended for 'mocking' Hillary Clinton.
He's suspended for two weeks.
But I have questions:
This catholic priest gets SUSPENDED for talking about a grown person (Hillary C),
but when it comes to priests WHO MOLEST AND SEXUALLY ASSAULT CHILDREN, they get transferred.
They get transferred again, and again again.
Until a child grows up and say I'm going to put an end to this!
Why are these pervs still employed by the Catholic Church??
Why are they on payroll until the victims grow up and identify the perv in the church as the source of their personal hell, and Pfleger is almost IMMEDIATELY suspended??


Excuse me?
Pfleger can't talk about Hillary, but Father so-and-so can play with lil Johnny's privates all the while telling parishioners to do 11,000 hail mary's for the sins they've committed?!
I'm not taking issue with the Catholic faith, I'm taking issue with the swift and not so swift hand of justice coming from the archdiocese.

You got it twisted for real.

Yeah, Pfleger could've said those words in another arena, but I've a feeling he'd still get suspended.

Family, what say you???

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