Monday, June 30, 2008

When WILL This Nicca Learn?!

What is dude's problem?!

This man has had more breaks than skateboarder Tony Hawk, and still he can't get it right.

He was not charged in Donda (Kanye's mother) death, and yet he still can't seem to handle his biz.

He can't quite lick his alkey (alcohol) problem, seeing as how he he has received yet another DUI charge.
And if that wasn't enuf...his medical license has been revoked (let the choir say "amen!") due to him being bootleg with his child support payments.
I'm glad he can't go 'chop-shoppin' on unsuspecting, non-researching prospective patients any longer.

This brotha' needs help.
*all images courtesy of Google Images*


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