Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh...NOW Kings County Hospital Wants To Implement Reforms?!

By now you all have heard about Esman (?) Green's death at Brooklyn's King County Hospital, mental ward.
She is the 49y/o woman who died UNNECESSARILY in a hospital waiting room under the staff's noses.

Now that the staff's cover-up has been UNCOVERED, and a massively major lawsuit is goin on...NOW Kings County Hospital of NY decides to makes changes.
I'm sure the 49y/o DEAD patient will be happy to hear that!
Oh...she can't. SHE'S DEAD!

I cannot IMAGINE that happening to some one I love.

View the vid tape from channel 7 (below)
...For a more specific account (Ms. Green's death) with narration provided by ACLU lawyers who are suing the hospital (including her falling out of her chair, to witnesses standing by doing nothing, to watching her struggle to get up as she's pinned underneath chairs, to her untimely death) -view CNN's video,

RIP, Ms. Greene

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