Saturday, July 05, 2008

Will.I.Am (As In Venus) Dominates the Wimbledon...With a little help from Serena!

Our Williams Sisters once again dominated the Wimbledon...with Venus coming out on top...can one EVER get tired of being a winner??
I'll let you know :)

Venus Williams has won seven majors in her career.
Venus Williams has won seven majors in her career. (AP)

The Wimbledon Cup
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older pics from Google Images (below)

Venus beat 'Serena 7-5, 6-4 Saturday for her fifth Wimbledon title and second in a row.' These young ladies are absolutely amazing!
I'm soooo happy these young ladies have come full circle.
From the little white cornrow beads that used to fly all over the courts, to these girls reppin Nike to the fullest with their line of clothing, going to school, hiring stylists, keepin' their noses clean, keepin' their daddy off camera, bouncing back after their older sister Yetunde price was killed, supporting mama Oracene thru that oooglay divorce...whew!

They've overcome much.

If you want to learn about the Williams' Sisters, and other black pro tennis players-nationally AND internationally...PLEASE point your racket towards my girl Sheila's blog at Black Tennis Pros. - I have yet to understand how she can keep track of all the wonderful black tennis players from around the world! Sheila has pics, their blog information, stats, u name it-and it's on her blog!
Thanks Sheila for giving our black pro tennis player the recognition they so richly deserve!!


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