Saturday, July 05, 2008

I've Been THREADED!!

Because my eyebrows are becoming unruly the older i get, I thought i'd try a different way of maintaining them.

I've arched my eyebrows since I was 16-whether it was by tweezing, Nair'g them, a razor...I had to give a shape to my brows.
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Now that I have less time on my hands, and my hormones have seems that I have to tend to my brows ERRRYDAY!
That's impossible.

Remembering my friend Tracy who had naturally funny shaped eyebrows, and her Indian neighbor who used string to arch her eyebrows...I was determined to experience the same. Not only was Tracy eyebrows thin, but she had a natural arch ABOVE her eyebrow bone instead of below. However when her neighbor 'threaded' her brows...Tracy looked AMAZING!

check out the pics b'low

Eyebrow threading
b4 (left) after (right)
I did a Google search and found a salon called Moda 4 U which is about 5 min from my home.
The ladies were of middle eastern descent and I could've cared less, neither did they as they were very warm and welcoming in their reception.
Although I felt a little out of place (because I was the only black person), Chainaz (the owner) assured me I'd be assisted in approx 5 min, 2 min later a young lady who looked to be about 21 assured me the same. I was also grateful that the ladies conversation remained in English.
A couple of minutes later the young lady (who's name is Farrah) greeted me with a question, 'r u ready for some pain??' lol
Not one to decline a challenge I told her to 'bring it on' as I can handle it!
After sanitizing me, Farrah broke out with her thread and commenced to handling her biz. I must admit she's deft with that string and she was slicing that hair off my brow...she even got a coupla chin hairs too!

The results?

Nice clean, stubble free. (see pic below)
Farrah admonished me to leave the razors alone!
Ok, ok geesh! :)
I've made an appointment to visit her again in 2wks.
The pain? None.
Very slight discomfort as the thread grabs the hairs, but no eye watering, burning, stinging etc.
To get an idea of my experience, check out 'Ms. Lashville' -an african-american threader- doin' her thang!

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