Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dang...Usher V Looks Like He's Smoking Cigs With Pops!! lol

Usher V...got those smoker lips like his daddy! lol
They've been sharin' Newports in da' club! :)
Is it possible for spermatazoa to carry nicotine into the womb and sit it on a baby's lips?!
I'm just askin'
I wonder why they didn't photoshop Lil V's lips??

Anyhoooo, baby Raymond is a cutie pie with those deep penetratin' see clear down to the bone marrow of your sould kinda eyes, and I'm lovin' that newspaper boy hat he's rockin'

Look for the Urshers to the 2nd power on a newsstand near you...August Edition.

I gotta go find another story, cuz I can't stop looking at that baby's lips...smh

Also, I still think Usher was mad cuz magazines weren't trying to pay him $$ katrillions of dollars, like other A-list celebs, to get pics of lil Nicotine, and that's why he called all of the other celebs parents who did get to laugh all the way to the bank -sell-outs.

Keepin' it real, I wonder how much can I get for my hankty rascals?
Ursher can call me a sell-out, cuz I'll correct him and tell him to call me "SOLD OUT" after the check clears!
Ya heard?!


p.s., Congrats to Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban on the arrival of their daughter,
6lb 7.5 oz, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban

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