Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One Word Answers---My Answers...

Jacked from Eb the Celeb :)

Where is your cell phone? on my bed, blue tooth in my ear

Your significant other? at home-we're broken up (i'm fine)

Your hair? curly

Your Skin? peanut butter brown

Your mother? my future (Gawd, I hope not!)

Your favorite thing? T-mobile Dash, Laptop

Your dream last night? can't remember

Your favorite drink?coffee

Your dream/goal? law school>pass bar 1st time>live in Aruba

The room you're in? my bedroom

Your ex? love & hate me

Your fear? failure

Where do you want to be in 6 years? living down south somewhere

Where were you last night? home

What you're not? married

Muffins? croissants

One of your wish list items? My children grown, on their own, and productive

Where you grew up? Los Angeles, CA

The last thing you did? turned in my team's assignment

What are you wearing? blue jean skirt and blouse

Your TV? no TV in my bedroom

Your pets? none

Your computer? Sony Vaio laptop

Your life? Living it like it's golden

Your mood? tense, just a smidge

Missing someone? my son (with his dad 4 summer)

Your car? '05 Taurus

Something you're not wearing? jewelry

Favorite Store? Target

Your summer? freeing

Like someone? not at this moment

Your favorite color? black of course :)

When is the last time you laughed? now

Last time you cried? couple of days ago

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