Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Weeks...and the mask cracks...

I don't write too many personal posts...but I'm going to make tonight an exception.

One of my favorite sayings is:

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Ok. I have the 1st & 2nd points on lock. However, that last verb (for it IS an action word) is a point of contention for me.
It seems that when i think i've found 'THE ONE'...I actually did not.
My last relationship...though short in duration, started off beautiful & wonderful. It was ABSOLUTELY EXCITING!!
and then the two weeks came.
And slowly cracks started to appear.
Now I"m not going to put him on blast, cuz he may in fact read my blog.
He didn't show support for my blog when we were together, but that doesn't mean he won't visit it...eventually.
One of the cracks that appeared was of a mental nature.
Up/down mood swings.
Given the fact that he was 10+yrs older I thought (imho) he would be able to govern his emotions better than what I observed.
Being around him became increasingly difficult as I had now gone from his woman to his traveling cheerleader.
I was exhausted.
I was frustrated.
And I was resentful.
I know initially, relationships are exciting. I know they can be tempestuous.
But for some reason, I keep getting played with the 'bait and switch.'
I meet these men who are nice, kind and sweet...and I swear when it hits the 2 week mark...the sweet words aren't as frequent, the calls are shorter in duration etc.
My twin One Man, blogged about having a broken heart and it's based off John Mayer's song entitled, "Dreaming With A Broken Heart" (check out Magic's video remake below-it's moving)

As a woman of the ol' school...I also want a man who's ol' school. That doesn't mean you know all of Al Green's & Sam Cooke's songs.
Ladies, how many men do u know can actually change a tire?
Do u know every man I've attempted to date-cannot change a tire.
(except for my ex in Cali, and he's a pretty boy who doesn't mind getting dirty under the hood...but then again he's Belizian so that may have something to do with his work ethic. He's a police officer/mechanic)
For some reason, I AM COMPELLED to ask "do u know how to change a tire??"
they ALWAYS answer, No.
I swear, it's like a part of me dies inside.
My fear:
I get a flat tire, and call my man up,
tell him I got a flat tire,
and he asks me...did u call AAA??
I'm calling YOU...
so YOU, not AAA can change my tire, doggone it!!
I know more WOMEN who can change a tire than I do men..smh
what's going on?

This post isn't about changing tires, but its about the quality of men that I encounter.
I just think about the kind of man my daddy is.
My daddy worked OT without complaining-taking care of 4 kids, fixed our cars and neighbors' cars, I mean if there was an issue MY DADDY was called.
He was the go-to guy, a hero if you will.
My daddy was the 1st one you called, and still is.
And before anyone asks...my daddy grew up in a single mother household-who raised 7 chirren.

Now if I call a man..this is the conversation (hypothetical)
him: hey babe.
me: hey.
him: what's wrong? u don't sound good.
me: yeah, my tire's on flat, and I need to get to work. I need u to come change it.
him: Uhh, I don't know how to change a tire...did u call AAA?
me: *silence*
him: hello
me: *silence*
him: hello? Bree.
me: i'm here. And no, I did not call AAA. I called you.
him: well did u call your mother?
me: she doesn't have a car.
him: did u call ur sis?
me: she lives in Cali.
him: did you call you bros?
me: he's in Tennessee. Both of them.
him: well, what about 1 of your friends?
me: you want me to call 1 of my friends...and I have a man? Do u know how embarrassing it is to have a man, who can't change a tire? Hell, u can go online and learn how to change a tire!!
him: Well, I'm sorry Bree, i don't know how to change a tire. Do you want me to call AAA for you?
me: *click.*
him: Bree? Bree?
me: *dial tone*


Where are the MEN??
I know everything's in God's hands, so please don't tell me that-I already know.
However in my humanness i still have questions that I ask aloud.
This is just one of those times.
Oy vey.

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