Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Black Folks! U Need To Boycott & Protest the Buffoons who embarrass our race...not the buffoons who mock the buffoonery!!

Ok, so I stop by Eurweb yesterday to check on the latest news in my community, right?
And I notice this dude with raccoon eyes has some type of youtube-ish video going on.
I then decide to read the article so I can put this video in context b4 I watch it.
Ok, so this dude named Loren Feldman of 1938 Media, questions the lack of black tech bloggers online. In the video he spoofs the indelible black spot (no pun intended) in our community.

The ignorant
The ghetto
The bling-blinged
The liquor guzzling/swilling buffoon.
the du-rag wearin', outside (a nicca must have)
the ho's havin'
the ebonic speakin
and so on and so on...

Feldman hits on the fact that blacks r techs in the area of cell phones, car stereos etc...

Am I offended by his antics?
Hell nawwwww. That's right, I said HELLL NAWWW.
I'm offended that he was able to GET HIS MATERIAL FROM REAL LIFE.
Niccas will always be around to provide material, the bullet, the poison (whatever cliche) to those who refuse to focus on the good in our community instead of the blight.
While there are truly some of us who have no clue about being clueless...when u set to make a living by being a stereotype-yeah. I have an issue.

It does not help that the media- remember watching the news, how many times do you see a toothless-crackhead lookin-polysyllabic monikered 'eyewitness' giving an account of a shooting when all 'dey wuz doin was goin' 2 da liqua stor to get my homiez cigarettes'-perpetuates the ignorance in our community.

Let's not forget, the pillar of the community-Viacom's very own BET who continues to make a mockery out of us, and is laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.
BET is nothing more than a broadcasting plagiarist who insists on pilfering from just as bad, MTV.

I say all that to say who's more offensive, ignorant (who happens to be Jewish) Feldman or the african-american FOOLS who insist on saggin their pants, and OTHER unmentionables, in addition to passing the offending behaviors onto their spawn.

Feldman is the LEAST of our concern.
The battle is in our unkempt backyard.


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