Monday, August 25, 2008

Fool...Clearly You Have Lost Ur Doggone Mind at the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!

ok, I have not followed the Olympics on TV.
I've caught headlines online, and my co-workers were just beside themselves with details re: the Olympics.

Well, how come nobody told me about this fool named,
Angel (which he's not) Matos?? And why would you act like a funky donkey monkey in Beijing at the Olympics??

This afro-cuban rascal was competing in the Olympics and IN THE LEAD 3-2, representing Cuba in the sport of Tae Kwon Do.

Angel's ankle was injured and as he tended to the injury, the minute clock was ticking.
Well, the rule is if you're injured, u can get a minute time out. By the end of the minute, you should be in the ring and hold ur arms up.

The referee advised Matos he had 10 sec to get up.
Matos didn't get up within 10 sec.
He lost the match that he was leading in, and his opponent won by default.

PLEASE watch what happens in this video...CAN U SAY POOR SPORTSMANSHIP??
By the way...this type of behavior has NEVER been witnessed in the Olympics before...can you say ASSAULT?!

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