Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lawdy When Will The Kilpatrick Dy-Nasty Be Over??

Parody of Rihanna's Take A Bow, Kwame Kilpatrick Remix

UPDATE: The judge agreed with me. He did not violate his bond agreement. Get the goods, here

In news surprising to NO ONE, Detroit Mayor is scheduled to be in court, AGAIN, this morn at 9am.
It seems he violated his bond terms by having contact with a witness in his pending trial...his sister.

Ok, the law is the law-and ERRYBODY who knows me, know i'm headed to law school after I get my bachelor's, but must we really clog up the courts dealing with his butt on having contact with his sister??
It's his sister.
I'm sure he doesn't have to pressure her to be scandalous--my money is saying SHE'S AS SCANDALOUS as he is.
Isn't that judging, Bria??

I can think of a lot better things to than watch his lying butt streaming live via the internet.
Shoot, I could watch roving investigative reporter Steve Wilson dig up some dirt on that ineffective mayor. I'm sure Steve's turning something up. As long as Kwame's mayor, Steve will have a job.

Kwame will be in court at 9am EST, and i'll update this post afterward. I'm sure he won't go to jail for talking to his sister.

Did you know Kwame is an attorney?? Why he's not disbarred is beyond me.
I'll keep u posted

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And on that note...

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