Thursday, August 14, 2008

UPDATE: LisaRaye & Michael Misick--Took A Bite Outta Crime!

UPDATE: LisaRaye hospitalized, both parties release statements,
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Interview of LisaRaye, after hubby announces their separation.

This is starting to become a little too Ike & Tina
or Diary of A Mad Black Woman (almost)

If this ghetto mess keeps up, Turks & Caicos will deny every BLACK AMERICAN entry into that beautiful country!

What am I talkin' about??

Honey, LisaRaye and her philanderin' hubby went a couple of rounds in front of company at the mansion!

There were distinguished dignitaries present, but that didn't stop them from getting crunk as if they were the only behind closed doors!

LisaRaye went into method actin' and reached back deep into her role as "Diamond" from her Players Club Days and got gangsta.

*no she put a cap in his but...but what happened when Diamond put that gun down?? uh-huh*
They were biting on each other as if they were pirahnas!
The bites were severe enough to warrant medical attention...ouch!!
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You can dress ghetto up in fine clothing, but YOU KNOW THAT DON'T MEAN A THANG!!

Can you imagine how fearful those whit dignified folks were as they were observing the madness??
and the language!
I bet sailors were runnin every which way out of their mouths...tsk tsk

Honey it's bad enuf, he's rumored to have
  • raped someone
  • cheated on her with a Rocsi (below) whateva that is
  • made her stay in a hotel...home is not home anymore, ToTo
  • issued a statement THAT HE SEPARATED from LisaRaye
  • who knows what else
This is a mess-but based on what I've heard, her daughter's in London. I hope her daughter's server is down, and she has no access to internet!

One word of advice for LisaRaye-take a crash course in International family law. familiarize YOURSELF.
I have nothin else to say on that.
oh and most importantly-PRAY PRAY AND PRAY SOME MORE!!

For more info on Premier Michael M, check out
Caribbean Net News

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And on that note...

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