Friday, August 15, 2008

I Got Nominated for "Best Education-Blog" at Black TV Online

Guess what?!
You Betta Recognize, has been nominated for Best Education-Blog by
Black TV Online

Vote for me here Bria's nomination!

What's crazy is that I had no clue!
On my left side bar is a widget called Feedjit, and I noticed someone came to YBR from, so I clicked the link and voila-
I saw my nomination!!!

Whomever the person is that nominated YBR-THANK YOUUUUUU!!!

That's a cool way to ring in my 1st blog anniversary coming in 1.5 mos!!

Now, y'all know what that means:


Here's the link again: Vote for You Better Recognize

Come See What's Poppin'at Bria's Own Words, my OTHER blog!

For the latest on the village idiot known as Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit City Mayor)


And on that note...

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