Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LisaRaye and The Women of Turks & Caicos

Ohhhhhhh shooot!

LisaRaye is on the women of Turks & Caicos' bad side.
She's accused of being too good to socialize with the people of T & C, making appearances only for pay...and USING T&C.

LisaRaye is described as anti-social.
And u see the woman reading the statement...who's going to challenger her!

You can't do that.
U.S.A. is pretty much the only culture I'm aware of that proactively encourage EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES.
Other cultures TRULY believe in community. Helping each other. Sharing with each other. Pulling each other up.

Seriously, a friend and I said if given the opportunity-we'd leave the U.S. and live in another country. An associate of mine's is Cameroonian, and after he talked about the ways of his country- i was ashamed to be american...seriously.

back to LisaRaye

LisaRaye is accused of JuanitaBynuming her situation!
Instead of keeping it private she instead decides to talk to alllll of the media

When are these Americans going to learn to shut-up??? U can't go steppin' on foreign land, tryin' to run thangs as if ur STILL IN AMERICA!
And u sure can't isolate urself from the women, u WANT the women on ur side. Women wield power, and I'm sure the T& C women are no different!
I can hear LisaRaye saying they're hatin' on her.
I think the women are saying 'this would've never happened, had he married a native.'

If anyone from Turks & Caicos would like to INVITE Bria to T& C...send an email to
iventbybloggingybr [at] gmail.com

It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, love-croissants!

We'll see how the drama unfolds.
sigh source

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