Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soon & Very Soon, I Am GoinnnnngTo See The King...

That's what I get for supporting new bloggers, LOL

U discover some stuff *Faux Maya Angelou*

Now...I know that no one knows when Jesus is coming back.
None of us has a date, time, email, blog etc as to when Christ is returning for his precious sheep named, Bria.


After seeing this trash, I HAVE to believe he's getting gassed up right now.

Obviously, this is some kind of children's party.
Look at the background. What's amazingly sick is the girl, who looks to be about 7, 8 is the aggressor in the video.
The moves she has makes any BET video hoe takes notes.

I'm tellin you, i was waiting for someone over the age of 18 to 'make it rain' on that child! it was disgusting. The young boy clearly did not know what to do...THANK GOODNESS!!

Picture #2 has arrows to emphasize the adult watching-not STOPPING, and the little girl has clear sight of the adult, and keeps dancing.
Look at pic #3, why did the lady turn around and leave the scene?!



Somebody needs to whoop her greasy behind,
Do the shaken baby syndrome on that women in the background
and crush the camera holders fingers with a hammer so they WILL NEVER be tempted to record juvenile debauchery such as this EVER AGAIN!
And those are the STILL pics!

Watch the 1:32 vid in it's entirety, click here

*Soon and very soon, I am going to see the King...*

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And on that note...

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