Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama to McCain: 'If U Feel Froggy...JUMP!"

Speaking at DNC in the place to be
45 years prior history was made when MLK Jr gave his
I have a Dream Speech

Barack Obama greets the crowd at the Democratic National Convention.

Barack Obama greets the crowd at the Democratic National Convention.

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Obama: I'm ready to beat John McCain

Obama: I'm ready to beat John McCain
Wow! is all I have to say...Wow!

Obama exuded more confidence tonight in front of KAZILLIONS on camera, than I have seen since I've first heard of him.

While Barack, laid out a lot of plans and changes he plan to make as president, lower taxes, affordable education, insurance for question is...HOW??

It sounds good, but that's a lot to accomplish.

Obama put it out there that if McCain wants a debate...BRING IT ON!!
I must admit...Obama was very inspiring-I was moved.
However...that's the whole point when running for president of the U.S.
You want to move the people so they'll vote on emotion...not logic.
We'll see what happens next week with McCain.
And my goodness...WHO DID MICHELLE'S HAIR?! She looked absolutely fantastic!!

Watch Obama accept the Democratic Nomination:

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