Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're Thinking That It's Time For Rehab...But U Say NO-NO-NO

Well, if you haven't seen the sadness known as K-CI and Jo-Jo, I know you've heard about it.

Honestly, I can't believe it's come down to this. These guys used to pack concert halls...and although they're travelin' on the premium chitlin' circuit now, a show is a show.

And whatever goes down on a show, will end UP on youtube.

It's usually K-Ci looking like the hotmess version of the geico insurance lizard, but not this time.

It's his bro Jo-Jo. He comes out late, looking tired goes around the stage a minute and then BAMMMM! he's on his back and his mic is about 3 feet away from him.

Please watch how the stagehand walks right past Jo-Jo picks up the mic and keeps it movin. smh

K-Ci looks at him, points his mic at him and then keeps singing.

And then like ur drunk uncle Boo-Boo, at your child's reception/graduation/birthday/babyshower/______________ he pops up like a weasel as if everything is alright.

uhhhhhhh NO.

The reason for passing out?


HOW DARE U MAKE LIGHT OF A SERIOUS ILLNESS? That was not a seizure! There are people suffering from epilepsy and are fighting to live normal lives! that's not ur struggle. source

We're thinking that it's time for rehab...but u say no no no. yes it looked sad, and yeah u look bad, so goooo gooooo goooo...oh u got the tiiiiiimmme, please Jo-Jo no more (moon)shinnnnnne.

We're thinking that it's time for rehab...so please just GOOO GOOOO GOOOO!

I KNOW MARY J Blige is on her knees, blessin' Father, Son & Holy Ghost!

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