Friday, August 22, 2008

What Did Da'Brat THINK Was Going To Happen?!

Sometimes, I have to question how many celebrities were born in the breech position??
I ask because the stupid things they do leads me to believe, they were born as* backwards!

Da'Brat, who's career has seen better days-and was ridin the reality show train, busted a girl upside the head last year and has now been sentence to prison for 3 yrs.

Ohh, She's gone be funkdafied fo' real, now.
What did she think was going to happen?!

I'm sorry, but 34 is old as hell to go to jail!
The victim's face face is scarred for life.

U already know a civil suit will be waiting on Shawntae Harris a soon as she steps outside of the prison.

U know...i know celebrities are human
but between Da' Brat, Naomi -the ignant azz ball players, Winehouse hitting folks...although no one can go quite a ballistic as Bjork and all of these other ignorant celebrities who have a sense of leaves me tired.

Oh well, most celebs-whether ur A list or Z list tend to fare better after a nasty scandal!
Drugs, prostitution, jail...who knows.
Well, she has time to think about it...and I pray the victim can get past day.


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