Thursday, September 25, 2008

And Speaking of Tittay Milk...

U know what...CNN really applied a misleading title to this story...the title said something like:

 'woman gives away baby, sell breast milk.'

The title should be called 'Chinese Woman Getting Her Grind on!

It's funny that it wasn't reported that she didn't give her baby away, she had to GIVE HER DAUGHTER UP because of China's 1 child rule.  In China, you can only have one child. that's it.  She was obeying the law, not some crackhead trying to make a buck.

Anyway what with babies in distress due to their tainted milk scandal, the babies in China are literally starving because there's a milk shortage due to the milk being tainted.  

An online ad called for women who's lactating, 'nursing nanny,' and the woman answered the call.

This lady is making EIGHT TIMES what is made in a factory.

What would YOU DO??

*staring blankly at you*

And on that note...

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