Thursday, September 25, 2008

If 5-0 Tases Someone Standing On a Ledge-Why Didn't They have a Trampoline To Catch him???

Ok, I understand dude was loco, but tasin' someone that is standing outside on a PRETTY much a guaranteed way to die.

Such was the case with Iman Morales of New York.  Morales stood out on a 2nd story ledge ranting for 40 minutes saying he and others were going to die.  I don't think he meant by bursting open like a watermelon on concrete.  

His mother begged the police not to hurt her son...

Ok...trying to reason with a NY police officer and a taser is like trying to reason with the KKK and a burning cross.  Their mind is pretty much made up.  It's a wrap boo.

Morales, 35, taunted police with a fluorescent light and when he didn't obey orders to come to them( ok, the man was CRAZY...did u think he would just pack it in and say, 'ok, ur right.'), he was tased-while standing on a ledge-and fell on to his death landing head/face first smh  source

Watch video 

*warning the screams of onlookers is disturbing, contains nudity*

Come on...smh

So let's just fast forward this...Im in MI and I've seen this too many times concerning the brutality of NYPD:

  • mama will sue the state/police
  • community will get riled up, vigil, protests, posters etc
  • case will go to trial
  • bad police will be found not guilty....eventhough the evidence is OVERWHELMING on the victim's side
  • Community will be upset, mama devastated.
  • Al Sharpton and Jesse will hold a press conference blah blah blah

  • how about skippin all of that and just go for the civil lawsuit? U know the judge is going to find the officer not guilty since he obeyed his superior's orders (if she intends to sue...check with an attorney first)
R.I.P. Iman Morales

And on that note...

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