Thursday, September 25, 2008

They Took His Penis AND his Foreskin...

U know what?  Even knowing Jesus...i'm sorry if I found out my man, son etc's penis was removed-when u were only supposed to remove the foreskin...please believe the drama would be in full effect.

That's exactly what happened to Phil Seaton of Kentucky, who's penis was removed by the dr who was ONLY supposed to be performing a circumcision.

Ok-dude is 61 yrs old...he's had his lil dude for a long time...and u, the dr., are going to TAKE IT UPON urself and relieve him of his member??


The dr. (don't know for how much longer) John Patterson said cancer was detected.


u didn't even give him a consult and advise the patient of the stage of cancer, his options etc.

These people KILL me playin' God!

I don't even know what to say...somehow saying I'M SORRY, just doesn't do it.

in another suit, a patient's penis and testicle was removed due to infection.  He was awarded $2.3m dollars.  What, do they have a blue book value on penis/balls?



And on that note...

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