Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rehab Facilities, Does it Make a Difference?

Thinking about actor David Duchovny, his wayward weiner, and his 'entering rehab'-read here-

made me think of where one goes to recover from addiction...

any kind of addiction, after all the fundamental behaviors are the same, right?

Be it gambling, sex, eating, drugging many individuals these activities become compulsive, and inevitably consumes that person's very being. They are unable to function in normal relationships, and their everyday normal lives begin to ride shotgun to the person's addiction.

I know several addicts, who recovered in jail or at Salvation Army.

I wonder if recovering in an exclusive, beautiful rehab-just off the beach and away from the hustle and bustle of life would make a difference in your life if you're struggling with addiction??

Malibu, a suburb in Cali for the rich and famous, has a drug treatment called Sunset Malibu.

Now, I'm not sure what the Betty Ford Clinic looks like-nice I'm sure-but Sunset Malibu is Wow! I'm not addicted to anything-well does blogging count?-but if I was...I wonder if I could recover in digs such as Sunset Malibu (below)? Yes. If I have the financial means to stay. And no...because I can't bring the haven of Sunset Malibu outside with me into the cold, cruel world!

Sunset Malibu Drug Rebilitation Center

This post isn't meant to make light of a serious situation.

But looking at these pics-do you think recovery in luxury vs. a government funded facility would make a difference in recovery?

Sunset Malibu drug & alcohol abuse treatment center

Kitchen at Sunset Malibu (b'low)

Chefs on hand perparing gourmet meals throughout the day.

Accommodations at Salvation Army (below)

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To even qualify for a stay at Malibu Sunset requires money, not so with the Salvation Army.

A rich addict, a poor addict is still an addict.

There are shared behaviors that cross socioeconomic lines-lying, manipulating, denial, rock bottom etc.

What it boils down to at either location is the will and the want to recover successfully. Rich or disenfranchised-an addict's life has spun completely out of control, thus the need for drug (addiction) treatment.

Temptations to appease an addiction are prevalent outside the walls of Sunset Malibu as they are in any Salvation Army Rehab facility.

Where you recover bears no relevance, if you're not willing to admit to yourself and others, that: YOU are an addict.

Wishing the Duchovnys

and other families dealing with addictions, the best.

For the latest soon-to-be former Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick click here

And on that note...

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