Tuesday, September 16, 2008

News Around You...

Singer, Nate Dogg suffers 2nd stroke, in less than a year. Nate Dogg suffered paralysis from his first stroke, and according to news reports he is unable to breathe on his own. Get well Nate. source

Jennifer Hudson's bf David Otunga aka Punk proposed to her and she said 'yes.' Ok...umm it hasn't been that long since u were with your former bf. U may want to pump the brakes, let the newness of the proposal wear off and then reconsider. That's kind of fast don't you think? Well, I think so. Make sure he's not using u to advance his career. Anyhoo, congrats....I think. source


I have a new respect for J.Lo (she'll always be J.lo to me). Gf's marriage has endured longer than any of her hairstyles, birf'd twins and just completed a TRIATHLON. I got shin splints just typing that word. Congrats, J.Lo. source


One of Hollywood's worse kept secrets...Queen Latifah considered naming her upcoming album, 'The L Word' -after Showtime's drama about lesbians-as a way to poke fun at those who question her sexuality.

*blank stare*

It wouldn't be considered as a jab it would be considered coming out of the closet, and keepin it real.

I'm just sayin.' And I'm saying as someone who met Queen AT a gay club...everyone knows anyway. And for the record she was as sweeeeeet as pie. answered every question, I asked her-and stuck around way past closing time in the parking lot. source


Don't act brand new-y'all know I lived that life, before God came and swooped his babygirl (ME!) up!! Thank you, Jesus!

An Australian kayaker breaks his leg in order to free himself after his kayak overturns-in order to prevent from drowning-yikes! source

Sarah Palin's not being cooperative in the investigation surrounding the firing of commissioner who wouldn't fire her brother-in-law. Blames Obama campaign source


Obama waffle mix-yep-sold at Republican forum. Pic of Obama depicted in Muslim garb on waffle box. sigh source


And on that note...

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