Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Digital...The decisions made for us :(

Ok, digital never became an issue in my life until my analog cell phone was switched over to digital.

I didn't take the change well...but I've adjusted since then.

Now EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is digital.

My job (work for a major telecommunications co.) entails working with digital circuits on a daily basis.  Our analog circuits have become the redheaded stepchild.

In addition, by February 2009 all TVs will have to be switched over using  digital signage.  It may be a converter box-from Cable/Satellite company, LCD-plasma TV (I think) or whatever...

I'm still in denial.

I guess it's the wave of the future-I just wish I HAD A CHOICE to catch the wave or not.  

What's wrong with antennas on a TV???

And on that note...

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