Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burn Calories Wearing...Shoes??

I'm 40 yrs old now.  Back in the day (during my dancing-and I don't mean on Broadway either) I'd wear heels up to 16 hrs a day.  Let me try that now.  3 hrs is about as far as I can go.  Recently, after going out like a sucka I wore some cute sandals that my middle toe on each foot had to pay for-the toenail came off due to the shoes bein too tight.


So now I'm reading articles about shoes that are good to my feet and are good for my body.  Did you know there are shoes that are conducive to weight loss? MBT shoes is one of those shoes.  They're created by  a swiss engineer and not only helps to burn calories, but also helps your posture.

how many times has Bria Sr told me to straighten up? Shoes to burn calores, how about coming up with a food vacuum to suck all of the calorie out of the food, too?


And on that note...

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