Wednesday, September 03, 2008

He (Kwame Kilpatrick) Fought the Law and the ...Law Won (repeat 2x's)


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He started as the HOPE of Detroit


ended up being the DOPE of Detroit!

According to Channel 4 news of Detroit,

soon to be former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick is resigning and has accepted a plea bargain.

According to the news report, Kwame will:

  • Resign immediately
  • plead guilty to 2 felonies (OUT OF 10!!)
  • Pay $1,000,000 in restitution
  • Serve 4 mos in jail
  • Will not be able to run again for public office for 5 years.

He and his family were filmed meeting up at his office downtown-presumably to say goodbye. He even kidded with one of the investigative reporters...i don't know what those reporters are goin to do cuz Kwame was definitely their job security!

Also my finance professor works for Kwame!! But she's NOTHING like him. I won't put my professor on blast like that (I haven't passed her class yet!)....I and she have too much class for such uncouth like behavior! :)
what r u all laughing at???? lol

No word on whether he'll be disbarred or not.
Oh yeah..this man was a lawyer (he's not one in my book..smh)

It didn't have to end like this.
But a hard head makes a soft behind.
He's mush now.
All of the taxpayers money spent on nonsense, and HE'S STILL having to resign.
He could've saved hundreds of thousands of city dollars and resigned for free.
what is really going on?
and only in America, can a guilty political official get out of 10 felonies, be charged with two, and run for office again in 5 yrs.
Gotta love it.
Please believe-there are idiots who will be marking their calendar-sending Kwame a text message lettin him know when his 5 yrs are up.
Kilpatrick is scheduled to be in court tmw at 9am est to go on record as accepting the plea deal (if he doesn't change his mind again)

I believe Ken Cockrel (who's part of the also uncouth Detroit City Council) will now become mayor.
I said i think. don't quote me.
Yeah I was right

Ken Cockrel: I Am Prepared To Be Detroit Mayor source

This is goin to get verrrrry interesting, before it's all over!


Kwame..u cudda been a contenda...u cudda been a contenda!!

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For the latest on the village idiot known as Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit City Mayor)


And on that note...

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