Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Bet This Was Part Of The Reason Obama Jumped Ship!!


Ok...I've already exposed two blasphemous 'preachers' and their false teachings today.

Now comes a minister who's name and face is ALL TOO FAMILIAR on the political scene.


What did he say now you ask??

You mean, what DIDN'T HE SAY.

Well, it seems while he was preaching black power to the cameras, he was down with the power of white under the sheets.

No not KKK sheets, but boudoir sheets.

According to the blog Bossip, the very married Pastor Jeremiah Wright, 67,  was involved with a married white woman named Elizabeth Payne, 37 (below).


  Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's affair was discovered via text messages.  Wright's affair with Elizabeth was uncovered when Payne's husband Fred, 64-discovered intimate email communications between Wright and Elizabeth-who's quoted as saying there were about '80 emails' exchanged between Wright and Payne.

That can't be good. 


(Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Wright, above)

Payne reportedly told the New York Post, she and Wright had an affair this year.  She worked as a church secretary at a church headed by a friend of Wright's.

When the affair was discovered she was fired and her husband divorced her.

Well, what in the world did she think was going to happen to her? Get a promotion perhaps??  

Hmmmm, looks like Obama extricated himself out the Wright situation at the (W)right time. 

Wright and Payne are fortunate.  Payne's old man is a hunter, and that rascal doesn't buy his bullets.  THEY'RE HOMEMADE in his GARAGE.

Wright better get to flappin' those gums of his to Ramah.  

And Elizabeth needs to see a dr. in order to get to the bottom of her 


Seeking out men 30+yrs older than you...what's up with that gf??


Oh what a terrible web you weave, when to another woman u decide to cleave.



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And on that note...

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