Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is David Blaine A Middle Child, Thus the need for attention???

Why David, what a menacing look you have on your face!!
let me shut up b4 he makes me disappear, lol

Can you imagine being in a relationship with Blaine??

One minute, he's driving the car everything's cool and dandy, and the next minute he's putting a 2-ton truck w-spinners on top of his baby toe for 8 days, 2 nights, 1 forthnight, and 6 nanoseconds while perched sideways atop of  Statue of Liberty's torch.

I can imagine stretching, waking up, turning over and see him on the wall like batman, submerged some kind of way in a bathtub full of acid, that's now on the corner of the ceiling and he wants to see how long he can burn before his bones are eaten away. 

sigh oh David

I'm not Catholic, but if David was my child...I'd have rosaries hangin' off of me every which way but loose.

God bless her soul. 


Blaine's stunt is called the Dive of Death, and he's to hang upside down from 9.22.08 @ 8:30am to 9.24.08 @ 11pm...ok

Oh he will not be eating, sleeping, or urinating-he has a catheter source.

I guess he has a cork in the backdoor...*shrugging shoulders*

Hanging upside down reminds me of another mammal:


heeee heeeee lol









*shivers, he looks creepy-but still cute*


And on that note...

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