Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ok, I'm happy about the birth of Aiken's son, but I want to know why does his coming out garner headlines?? And I'm saying this because, EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW!!  This was one of the WORSE KEPT secrets in Hollywood!!  The shocker was his child with the older woman...everyone knew the child wasn't conceived naturally!!  I'm not calling Aiken out, so you Claymates betta  fall back!  I'm just staying...put a tribute to those who were on the plane with AM & Barker ON THE COVER!  Not something we already knew! You might as well have put Obama on the cover with the headline..."YES, I'M BLACK!" geeesssh.

People Magazine is pressed for sales, I guess.  I guess some celebrity's impending birth is a ways off. smh  My face is LITERALLY frowned up!


And on that note...

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