Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Almost October...

I'm trying not to feel the pressure of the holidays that's coming upon us, but it's hard knowing October is 2 days away.  I'm not sure how it is in ur town, but did u Christmas trees gon on sale in OCTOBER here in MI??

(an upside down Xmas Tree, b'low)
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I really haven't celebrated Xmas the way general society celebrates it, as it's too commercial and people get so caught up, and depressed and stressed over buying everyone a present, that I had to take a step back.

My children and I feed the homeless and pray with them. Not a noble thing, but it makes u realize how blessed u r, and how blessed these people are.

Some of the most generous and NICEST people I've met are those outside of work, church but on the street. God bless 'em.

Well, I guess I need to figure out if I'm going to buy an actual tree this year, but until then I'll begin to blow the dust off my dessert recipes-mama does the 'real' cooking.  My daughter makes a mean Egg Nog Cheesecake, but I think I'm going to scour the internet for some serious cookie recipes

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Like it or not, December will be here b4 I know it.

I might as well prepare for it.

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And on that note...

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