Monday, September 29, 2008

Only In Black America...For Your Monday Viewing Pleasure...(Drink Ur Coffee/Donut First)

Straight from the blog YKYDAW



*looks like he underestimated her weight, by his facial expression, u know what with physics + velocity= this is not going to end well!! lol*


Trying to gain control of the situation-his confidence is waning now!

(shoe trying to make a hasty retreat!)


("uh-oh" he's losing his grip...shoe workin it's way up the ankle!)



Gravity has won, once again!!!

"...Man down, Man down!! 


(new accessory-heel around the knee! lol)

Why Must I Cry?
**looks like a nassssstay gang initiation w/benefits!* yeccccch!**

Whoaaaaa, girly didn't have time to get dressed?  What time was this?
She still has her drug store rollers in her head, and 4got to put a shirt on...smh
Starting with roller head...count 3 over to the right...did that person shower with clothes on??? lol  This reminds me of L.A. sigh
Check out Pookie (laying on his baby's airbed) 2 ponytails...smh
ain't nothin' but a gangsta parrrrrrrty.

You be the judge...

*I say 'he', lookin @ that red patch on his boody cheek-from getting a hormone shot.  He needs to get shot up again.

Tracks of my tears...

*this pic is punishment enuf*

I wanna be a playa...but I'm really just meee *sniff, sniff*

Big Baby's hair is scraight tho'...Down Syndrome kids should respect women!
(look in the sink, did they have scrambled eggs?! lol)

Another survivor from DJ AM/Travis Barker Plane Accident?
(with 3rd degree burns to the va-ja-jay)
It looks like babygirl got 'burned' by a serious STD, for real-YIKES-
or someone threw some acid down there.
Either way she needs some coco-butter, Desitin or Neosporin, and throw her a Sharpie marker to fill that in! STAT! *shudders*  That's GOTTA hurt!

Ok...this is why i'm no longer black..starting now..I'M WHITE! 
I'm 100% certain those tittays qualify for breast reduction. I know American HMO's r a hotmess, but I think even those getting kickbacks will kick a couple of $$ to babygirl for her surgery.
My back hurt, and my eyes hurt trying to find this baby's belly.
And she just looks TIRRRRRRRRED from lugging those rascals around.
Dr...hook this sweety up, STAT!

I bet she's sooooo nice, too. smh
When she took this pic, she looked like she just gave up...sigh
Bless her heart

Not wanting to be accused of Reverse Discrimination...
Truly, I'm not sure which is worse: the girl on the left, or the young old looking woman on the right with blue stockings. Or the liqua in her hands, or those indecipherable gang signs.
Lady on the right looks like a straight up soccer-mom.

Taste the Rainbow...with some side eye feva
(hairshow-yeah; public display-uhhh NO!)
That skittles look like it come in an iron-on.
I'll put it on the knee of my niece's jeans!
My gawd...NOT THE WHITE PLASTIQUE Bamboo Earrings...please don't let our favorite round-the-way girl Meagan Goode see those 'rrings! lol
That is a bad haircut w/quickweave though...i'll give the stylist that!

Girl, STOP IT, is she a negro Chola?!
Who has the worse eyebrows...I can't call it!

Pray, Laugh or Do Both...It's up to you

And on that note...

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