Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Is Why U Don't Let Kids Drink...

It's our fave Monchichi's party and he can puke if he wants to, puke if he wants to,
puke if he wants to...

Didn't want to gross you out with the real thing!!

Anyhoooo...poor Janet Jackson.
When she said "Miss Jackson if ur nasty" I don't think that was the cue for Jermaine Dupri to blow chunks all over her at HIS bday party.
Question:  Why didn't he turn his head THE OTHER WAY???
Why is it that your children WAIT 'TIL UR OUT IN PUBLIC to act up???
Baby boy wanted to mix his drinks as if he is 6'6" ...
Dude you're short it doesn't take much for alchol, esp some Jay-Z conconcted liquor AND tequila
He was asking for it
but if Ms. Jackson wasn't nasty beforehand, 
she SHO' nuff was nasty afterwards!!
Jermaine really was a ...(queue J.J.'s Nasty Boy's instrumental)
nastay boy (don't mean a thang -huh)
ohhhh u nastayyy boy, don't mean a thing to me...

Needless to say Miss Nastay exited stage left!

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And on that note...

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