Friday, October 17, 2008

I Mean The Thought HAD Crossed My Mind before,but...Dannnnng, Girl

File this under: "Hell has no wrath, like a woman scorned!"

Baby, I used to feel sorry for the women of India...not anymore..smh

A woman from Makkapurva Village southeast of Lucknow, India who was accosted in a forest, took matter into her own hands, and beheaded her offender.

As in decapitated his aggressive arse, with a sickle! U know that was a clean cut...smh

Well, I'm sure she was traumatized and all, but after Ginsu'g him-this woman..from India, picked up dude's head and walked thru town, parading that rascal!!


If that was an attempt to serve notice to other possible future offenders...MESSAGE RECEIVED!!

Shoot, show me her picture so I can steer clear of her behind too!

When she was approached by the police, she was found to have visible bite marks, and stated the offender had harrassed her for 3 mos and stalked her. She also she wasn't sorry not one bit for taking him out.

I know that's right.

Have sickle-will CUT UR BEHIND..

Hopefully the people who witnessed the head on parade will not suffer from

Post Traumatic Stress Disease for long...



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And on that note...

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