Friday, October 17, 2008

Team Fatback...RETREAT, RETREAT!!

I am a proud member of Team Fatback.
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Ain't no shame in my game...I'm not one of those skinny femmes who eat like , gerbils and hamsters when dining out...NOT. I bet you I will get down at an all u can eat restaurant-U BETTER RECOGNIZE!!

Having said that, Team Fatback, although we are fabulous, must remember and respect our boundaries.
We must use discretion when:
  • Wearing halters, swimsuits, mini-skirts, thongs etc.
  • Case in point: Nice looking young ladies. Outfits are NOT flattring at all.

  • Showing off your navel ring

  • Taking photos at the club: lighting is harsh, and cameras/photographers are cruel.
Case in point: In the pic below, it looks as if Ma just left her kids PTA meeting, didn't have time to change n2 her sexy gear b4 hitting the club and she said, 'f--- it, I'll pull my top down, expose the girls, and show my tattoo.' I don't care how you slice it...this pic is messed up. Now that it's on film, I',m sure she undoubtedly knows, this was a poor choice of outfits.

  • [6303$z.jpg]
  • Dancing at the club: All dances skinny girls do, don't look the same when some of Fatback members do it.

  • Trying to be a stripper: which leads me to this video...sigh...Team Fatback members...we have weight. There are some successful T.F.strippers, who can give a mean table dance. I know cuz I've worked with some. But don't think u can get on top of a coffee table, not distribute weight evenly and think ur goin to come out on top like a skinny heffa. HELLZ NO. This vid is kind of sad cuz although babygirl is heavy-its painfully apparent she's not fit. Bria's pushing some weight, but baby I am quite agile and my kids' ll tell you that. There's no way, i'd lay on a floor like a beached whale...but that's just me. Also, listen to the added soundtrack-esp. the last song. smh. i want to know who submitted this video??? They're not her friend, that's for sure. It's really is. Pick another hobby, mami. Cuz your table dancing debut has left a hilarious impression upon its viewers.
*rolling my eyes*

Google Images, YKYDAW

And on that note...

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