Saturday, October 04, 2008

I Need A HandyMan..

So my daughter has lost her house key

(yep, she's been back from Cali for a while now)

*blank stare*

And the locks need to be replaced. I'm seriously considering doing it myself...again.


I'm just thinking about my last foray into changing my door locks (at a former residence) and the only thing that changed was my attitude. It went from bad to worse. My choices were limited the last time because my transportation was compromised so the only place I could go Ace Hardware store..was only due to desperation. This Ace Hardware store in Detroit had nothing, and everything they did have was priced double or triple the other Ace Hardware stores.

This time around, transportation does not pose a problem and I can search for door hardware

at Home Depot! I love that store. I can get lost in there for hours!

The reason I'm considering doing it myself is because it's our fault the key was lost so we'll have to pay my apt complex to get the locks changed.

I figure it's cheaper to do it myself.

But then again...I'm too easily distracted, I'd take all day trying to change my lock.

*note to self: call rental office*

I'll let the maintenance people do it...I don't want to commit to that project.

I need a handyman


Happy Saturday everyone!

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And on that note...

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