Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Kid Is Growing Up...

My son, Tony (17)

Ok, I'm up very early.  I've been up for two hours now...which is not custom for me on the weekend.

I'm up cuz I'm in charge of games for my godbaby's (who's in utero) shower.

Her impending arrival has made me think about my youngest child who is growing up quickly.

Tony is now 17, but when he was born he was sooooo colicky.

NOBODY wanted to keep him.

When he grew out of that phase...he was the most gentle child I've ever come across.

He literally would wake up and smile at you.

Not just as a baby, but I'm talking at 3, 4yrs of age-you'd wake him up and he'd just smile.

Where does the time go?

When he turned 14 he went thru his pubescent stage that included a terrible bout with acne, which lead to the search for the best acne treatment...but I promised him his skin was due to puberty.

Mother was right.

Then his voice changed

Hair was everywhere...his hair grows in a pattern that if he didn't shave you'd only see his nose/eyes/lips...he's extremely hairy.

Now...he has a girlfriend. 


 I know he's growing up, I just wish I didn't have to see it. lol

Well let him grow up...Raven'll be here to keep her fairygod mother company in about 3 weeks!!

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And on that note...

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