Monday, October 06, 2008

My Son Is Still Traumatized...Kimbo Slice is TKO'd (VIDEO)

UPDATE:  Well these pics explains Petruzelli's affinity for  pink hair and his fighting ability !!! roflmbo

Seth Petruzelli, the man who whooped Kimbo's masculinity on up out of him in 14 seconds is a self confessed 'goofy homo.'   

*blank stare*

I think it's pretty safe to say that soon, Kimbo Slice will be fading to black, and his name will be added to the website, Whatever happened to...?


I thought it was bad when Suge Knight got TKO'd by that young 

barber....that doesn't even come CLOSE to this!!



I've only heard of streetboxer Kimbo Slice this year, when my son Tone bamboozled me into watching the video on Youtube.

Ok, eventhough he looks like Mr. T 2.0...and his trail of naps on his chest scared the heebeejeebees outta me...I was yet intrigued.  I mean look at him.  He looks like a hot, hairy grizzly.  U don't know whether to shave him or send him out to the woods, lol

My son thought he was the baddest dude in town...kinda like 'bad, bad, Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town, badder than old King Konnnnng, meaner than a junkyard dog...' kind of bad.

So imagine the daunting task I had-telling my kid his fave streetboxa got taken out like Goliath, by David. 'Cept his 'stones' were flying pummeling fists...smh

Kimbo laid aKimbo on that mat as young buck beat his behind silly.

Even I saw birds flying around Kimbo's about a humbling experience.

I told my kid, his boy got taken down by a young no-name whipper snapper and my son looked at me like I was crazy.  

He's still in mourning.

Now, Slice's being labeled a fake, read here

. son does love that fake charlatainesque wrestling too.

They may be on to something.

See for yourself:

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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