Friday, October 24, 2008

OSF: One Hit Wonders...

Whatever happened to:

JJ Fad??

This trio hailed from Cali and put "Supersonic" on the map! 'Them big everlasting ears, they can hear what I say b4 I even say it!' lol

I'm a lummma lummmma lova lummmma luva not a singa i'm a lummmmmmma lummmmmanot a singa yeahhhhhhhh (yeahhhh) that was it!



Keeping in line w/trios, females, up are these hoes...what?!

That's what they called themselves!

H.W.A., Hoez With Attitudes!

Is it any wonder they're not around anymore?? smdh

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Checkout their vid, "I Ain't No Lady"...uhhhhh ok

Other OSF participants include:

- Electronic Village - Fresh And Fab - Danielle - Kim

- Ms Grapevine -Quick -Marcus LANGFORD

- Cassandra - Kevin - iriegal -Mahogany -Hagar's Daughter - Lisa C

-Chocl8t - DP - Dallassouth - John - CC Groovy - Kreative Talk

-Marvalus One - Regina - Clnmike - Vivrant Thing

-AJ - Sharon - - Invisible Woman

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